Educational Opportunities

For farriers who wish to undertake any certification other than the Certificate IV which is awarded to apprentices once they have meet the requirements of the training body into which they are enrolled or mature farriers who didn't undertake an apprenticeship but seek accreditation through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) system. Then the following organisations can offer a path to further education.

The Worshipful Company of Farriers: Dip WCF, AWCF, FWCF website Is an ancient body with its origins dating back to 1356. These exams are comprehensive and require a great level of personal commitment to attain. The website is comprehensive with a syllabus document for each level of exam. Currently the exams have been held in Melbourne every two years. However, the company will come at any time when there is enough candidates paid up for. If you wish to put your name down to do one of these exams then please contact Mr John Bunting of the Victorian Master Farriers Association on 0412 992 235.


American Farriers Association CF, CJF website The American Farriers Association conduct certification exams all over the country at regular intervals. Overseas farriers are invited to undertake the exams on American soil with the only requirement being the that the candidate is a member of the Association and pays the examination fee.